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Find Your Strength

We started a new program! We give Roos Wraps to babies who are: premature, battling a life threatening illness, diagnosed with flat head or container syndrome and babies born with syndromes that delay development such as down syndrome.

Do you know of a baby who could benefit from a Roos Wrap? Contact us for more info.

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Roos Wraps

The 3-in-1 Wrap that Grows with Your Baby to Support Healthy Development Designed by experts to make tummy time, sitting up, and learning to walk physically and emotionally easier, so your baby feels strong, independent, and ready to explore.

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Quantum Chiropractic

At Quantum Chiropractic we are dedicated to helping people heal and manage life’s challenges however they come.

Dr. Pauline Asahara, with her gentle touch is amazingly gifted to work with kiddos of all ages. Using gentle chiropractic therapies and facial unwinding modalities, majority of pediatric ailments are helped so much.
Dr. Jim M. Weber, is a certified craniopath. Most ailments including all types of pain, headaches/migraines, TMD, are simple fixes. We thoroughly enjoy working with people who wish to better there health and well-being through nutrition. We take the guess work out through laboratory tests and analysis. Dedication and commitment is necessary but we are here to help all who are dedicated to a better quality of life.
Thank you for you taking the time to hear what we do and to help Jen and all the great kids that are a part of Sweet Dream!
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European Sleep Design 

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Young Living Essential Oils

When you take the precious, therapeutic fluids from aromatic plants and you super concentrate it, what you end up with is an essential oil. Essential oils are used to support physical and emotional well-being. In fact, they were historically used, and Egyptian tombs have been found with jars of essential oils!

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Juice Plus

When you enjoy Juice Plus, you donate to provide children battling life-threatening diseases their very own Dream bedroom. We provide a source for them to fight and get healthy.

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JadeYoga Mats

JadeYoga is proud to take part in an initiative that helps bring peace and wellness to Sweet Dreams kids. JadeYoga is a company committed to spreading the benefits of yoga in an ecologically sustainable manner, while also giving back to our communities and our world.

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