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Dear Community Sponsor

On behalf of Sweet Dreams Foundation (SDF), we would like to say thank you for interest in learning more about Sweet Dreams Foundation. In this letter you will find: what our mission is, what we do, our history and how the donation will be used.

Sweet Dreams Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease through the creation of their Dream Room.

What do we do

Our objective as an organization is to create a place in the child’s home to be their safe-haven. In this room the child doesn’t have to worry about going to the hospital or the treatment they go through on a daily basis. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that will lift the spirit of the child through a room where they can laugh, play, and let their inner light shine, their DREAM ROOM. During the process of getting to know the child we encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle to help fight their illness.

Our History, Request & How the donations will be used

We founded Sweet Dreams Foundation when I was 21 years old and my husband was 19 years old. I had a vision of wanting to give joy to children when they were terribly ill because when I was 11 my grandfather and my childhood friend Lisa passed away of cancer. Watching how the cancer stole their lives, I wanted to put out the fire of death and bring joy to children who were scared of death and illness. My now husband got involved immediately and helped found this organization. Our motto is, I dream it he builds it.

When we first founded Sweet Dreams Foundation, we gave one dream room per year for the first three years, the next three years 2 bedrooms per year and in 2014 we gave 5 dream bedrooms, 2015 we gave 7 rooms and in 2016 10 children have been helped! In 2017, Bayside Church (Granite Bay, Midtown, Blue Oaks, Adventure and Folsom) fundraised over $75,000 for the kids!!!

In closing, you can be confident that donations provided to Sweet Dreams Foundation will help us help as many children as possible.

Will you choose Sweet Dreams Foundation to give to this year? If we receive your donation/sponsorship we will provide evidence and gratitude of the fruit of your gift.

Thank you for your interest to give joy to children during the darkest moments of their lives.

Proposal for Donation / Sponsorship – EIN #: 03-0592628

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor or volunteer? Check out the ways you can join the Sweet Dreams team.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Sweet Dreams Foundation relies heavily on sponsorships, donations, and volunteers. Your contributions help us reach so many children battling life-threating diseases, and giving them the gift of joy would not be possible without you. All of our amazing sponsors are listed below.

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