Dear Community Sponsor,

On behalf of Sweet Dreams Foundation (SDF), we would like to say thank you for interest in learning more about Sweet Dreams Foundation. In this letter you will find: what our mission is, what we do, our history and how the donation will be used. At the end of this proposal you will find a testimony from Virginia Quintal & Chrissy Hales, two mothers of recipients of Sweet Dreams Foundation.

Sweet Dreams Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children who have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease through the creation of their Dream Room.

What do we do:

Our objective as an organization is to create a place in the child’s home to be their safe-haven. In this room the child doesn’t have to worry about going to the hospital or the treatment they go through on a daily basis. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that will lift the spirit of the child through a room where they can laugh, play, and let their inner light shine, their DREAM ROOM. During the process of getting to know the child we encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle to help fight their illness

Our History, Request & How the donations will be used:

We founded Sweet Dreams Foundation when I was 21 years old and my husband was 19years old. I had a vision of wanting to give joy to children when they were terribly ill because when I was 11 my grandfather and my childhood friend Lisa passed away of cancer. Watching how the cancer stole their lives, I wanted to put out the fire of death and bring joy to children who were scared of death and illness. My now husband got involved immediately and helped found this organization. Our motto is, I dream it he builds it.

When we were first founded Sweet Dreams Foundation, we gave one dream room per year for the first three years, the next three years 2 bedrooms per year and in 2014 we gave 5 dream bedrooms, 2015 we gave 7 rooms and in 2016 10 children have been helped! 2017 Bayside Church (Granite Bay, Midtown, Blue Oaks, Adventure and Folsom) fundraised over $75,000 for the kids!!!

In closing, you can be confident that donations provided to Sweet Dreams Foundation will help us reach our 2018 goal of giving up to 12 children their Dream Bedrooms.

Will you choose Sweet Dreams Foundation to give to this year? If we receive your donation/sponsorship we will provide evidence and gratitude of the fruit of your gift.

Thank you for your interest to give joy to children during the darkest moments of their lives.

info@sweet-dreams.org PO Box 1233 Folsom Ca 95763 www.sweet-dreams.org

Proposal for Donation / Sponsorship – EIN #: 03-0592628

Testimony from Virginia Quintal – Mother of Braycen

To Whom It May Concern:

Sweet Dreams Foundation holds a very special place in my heart and the hearts of my entire family. They came in to our life at the perfect time. As a parent I was desperate for a way to find some sun in our very dark situation; my son was 4 years old, diagnosed with Ruben Stien Taybi Syndome, battling kidney failure, glaucoma and all the infections and surgeries that came with it. At that point we had spent over 70% of his life in the hospital, and the small amount of time we got to be home, didn’t feel like a home at all. My baby’s room was just 4 walls and a bunch of boxes. He didn’t have a place to play or grow, no place to call his own. Being there was a constant reminder of our circumstances and brought sadness in the absence of security!

I was at work in Folsom when I found a flyer for SDF on a chair. When I read it, I thought “Oh, it would be so nice to have a place for my son to sleep.” I never imagined the impact it would have! We met with Jennifer and discussed Braycen’s favorite things and all the activities he was missing out on. Braycen loves cars and going to the park, so we decided that’s what the theme of his room would be. Sweet Dreams came in and went to work, replacing everything, and creating a dream space for my little boy to grow and thrive in.

When Braycen saw his room for the first time, he was in shock and in that moment he was JUST happy! Something clicked in me, when I saw him smile so effortlessly. I felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders and for the first time in years my tears were “happy tears”! The bedroom that Sweet Dreams has provided for us is so much more than just a place to sleep; it is a safe haven, a place where Braycen is not a sick little boy, he is just a little boy. I know that when he is in there I can be sure that he’s smiling and joyful, and in return I can smile as well. This bedroom eliminates the isolation from the outside world that so often comes with sickness. Family and friends want to come over. Braycen’s cousins and friends often ask to play at his house instead of the park. Even when he’s having a bad couple of weeks health wise he’s never alone. His reality is now, “When I don’t feel well, I can still get up and play.”

Shortly after Braycen’s room was finished I knew that I HAD to be involved with SDF. I wanted to spread the word about this amazing thing that was being done. I also wanted parents and families in similar situations to know that there is a way to change your perspective on your circumstances, that it is ok to laugh and smile in the face of your illness. The space that Sweet Dreams Foundation creates is an escape and when you are in the room you and your child forget about the things that happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s the closest thing to heaven on earth that a mother could ever have. I can tell you that it is fact and my son is living proof that where there is spiritual and mental healing, the physical will follow!

Thank You,
Virginia Quintal – Braycen’s Mother

Testimony from Chrissy – Mother of Claire

Dear Jen,

Hi, I have been wanting to write and thank you for the beautiful room you designed for Claire. A little over a year ago, she was on the heart transplant list, and had some other things that came up that kept her hospitalized at Stanford for 3 months. They couldn’t figure out what was going on, and we brought her home, thinking time was short. At home, she did better and really well for a while. She was able to go to school, we took vacations, things she hadn’t done for years. But she starting declining again, and early yesterday morning she passed on, peacefully and quickly.

I have thought of you so many times and been so grateful for that beautiful room she could be in. When we came home she couldn’t walk much, and that room was the only place the hospital bed would fit. Later, we sent the bed away, but she still couldn’t do stairs much, so that stayed her bedroom, and she loved arranging her things there and having her own space.

Thank you for such a great gift that really made her life better. Thank you for making the place where she spent so much of her last time such a lovely place to be. I appreciate you all the time.

Love, Chrissy


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