Virginia was diagnosed with ALL Leakemia 7-8-09 one month after turning 5 years old. She went through 2 1/2 years of chemo, frequent spinal taps and many pills. She was finally finished with everything November of 2011. She and her family were free! Five months later on Easter 4-8-12 her parent’s knew something was extremely wrong. According to her mom, “Our hearts sank when the results we got showed that her counts were almost at zero. Virginia had relapsed and would need an immediate blood transfusion with intense 10x stronger chemo over a shorter span of time. A bone marrow would be needed and our lives would be turned upside down with the chance of Virginia surviving at 50 percent. We were all tested in our family to be a marrow match and little sister Rebecca Rose was the match.

Virginia’s Dream would be to have an Under the Sea Bedroom! She is an adventurous little girl who loves to play the Piano! Virginia has asked to have her very own freshwater fish tank, a keyboard, a karaoke machine, art supplies, yarn and a place to snuggle up with her little sister Rebecca Rose.

Dream Journal

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