Micah, 4 years Old


“My family was living in China when my mom and dad noticed something funny on my face. Half of my face was super red and sweaty and the other half was pale white with no sweat at all. I looked just like a joker. It looked just like someone drew a line down the center of my face. At first it didn’t seem like a big deal. Even my doctor wasn’t too worried. It started out happening about once a month, but then gradually it got worse until it started happening every day. Plus it wasn’t just my face anymore. It was my whole head, the left side of my chest and my back, and my whole left arm. Every time I got hot I would turn into a joker.

My mom started to get worried, so while we were at a conference in Thailand my mom took me to the doctor to see what was wrong with me. The doctor decided that we better travel to Bangkok, Thailand to see a neurologist and get an MRI. We went and I got my MRI and just an hour later the doctor told my mom and dad that I had a massive tumor in my chest along my spine. They believed it was neuroblastoma. We quickly returned to China (my favorite place in the whole world). Within a week we had sold what we could, packed up twelve suitcases, and moved back to America on August 5. My mom and dad were super scared, but I was just glad I got to ride on an airplane with my brother for almost 24 hours! It was awesome!

I had my first surgery on August 18 when they confirmed that I had Ganglioneuroblastoma. Boo! I did good for a couple months until my cancer came back in the same place as before, but in my lymph nodes. So, I had my second surgery on November 29. It was a lot easier that time, and the doctors were able to remove everything yucky. Then just two weeks later the doctors found another spot this time on the right side of my chest. So, I had my third surgery on December 20. The good news is that spot wasn’t cancer at all. Just a silly little piece of fat that looked just like cancer. Praise God!

All of that took place in Orlando, FL at Arnold Palmer Hospital. I LOVE that place!! On January 16 we moved back home to Arlington, Tx since my dad got a new job there.
My new hospital is Cook Children’s Hospital. I really love this one too! I really like all my doctors.

In March 2013 I began feeling very sick. My parents took me to the hospital and the doctors did various tests and scans. To everyone’s surprise my cancer had spread all over my body and into my bones. I immediately began receiving chemo. In the months that followed I also received a stem cell transplant and proton radiation.

The last year has been really crazy in my life. But, I know everything will be okay because my whole family is praying for me to be healed! Will you please join with them to pray for God to heal me! We covet your prayers and encouragement. Please join us in praying for complete healing of Micah’s cancer!” – Micah, 4 Years

At the first sight of Micah’s smile we knew he was a Superhero! With a vision of creating a city in his bedroom with skyscrapers and comic book heros, Micah will feel like he is a part of the Marvel Superhero Team in his very own Superhero Dream Bedroom!


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