About Sweet Dreams

Jennifer’s Story

The vision began when I was 11 years old taking care of my grandfather as he was dying from lung cancer. Months of watching him lay in bed sparked an interest to help those who were seriously ill. It was very hard to take care of him and watch him in unbearable pain. My mom took care of the necessities to live and I relieve his pain through countless massages. The night before he passed, he gave me a kiss on the forehead and said God was taking him home. That night he passed. Thank you grandpa for sparking my mission in life.  Jennifer Donchenko

Our Mission

Our Mission with the Sweet Dreams Foundation is to “improve the quality of life for children who are battling a life threatening disease through the creation of their Dream bedroom.” These children can not live a normal life so we take the time to get to know the child’s needs and wants, then create an atmosphere that will be uplifting to the child to help with their healing process.

Our Wellness Resources

It is very hard watching our Sweet Dreams Children fight for their lives.  We encourage our kids to fight as though it depends on them pray knowing it depends on God.

We have online videos that encourage exercise, healthy cooking and a special with Dr. Sears here!

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