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Meet Rafael!


Rafael’s parents never really explained to him that he had Cancer and how sick he was. They just told him, he’s going through the process of becoming a super hero. That’s why he has to be so brave and every night he prays and asks God to make him brave and give him strength. When he got a blood transfusion they explained to him it was super hero blood and it was going to make him feel really good. When he started loosing his hair, they told him it was because he was going to get new Super hero hair. The port or as he calls it his circle is also only for super hero’s. Lately he’s really identified home self with baymax from big hero 6.  Can you guess what Rafael’s Dream Bedroom is???!!!  Superheros!

Meet Nikki!

Nikki was born Twin baby A with Biliary Atresia. She had a Liver Transplant at 9 months old. She has never really eaten foods. She has a G tube still in place to receive all her medications and gets formula at night. Before transplant she was so ill they told me she had 3 months to live unless we got a transplant. However she is thriving now, but the transplant does not cure her disease so we pray everyday she does not go into rejection and she keeps thriving. We do monthly labs to watch her Liver numbers closely.  She loves Pigs and Dolphins!

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